Statistics project

In these Mini Projects you would look at the actual data set describing characteristics of the passengers and crew of the Titanic and wether or not they survided the sinking. You would be able to see the very interesting relationships between the chance of surviving and various characteristics of the people on board. You will be looking at some of the tests we are studying in MATH 2P98 to build your predictive model and analysis. Even though we do not need to predict who would survive the sinking of the Titanic, as it is already happened more than 100 years ago. The same analysis procedures are quite useful if, for example, your bank giving out mortgages and trying to determine the probability that the client can default the mortgage.

For the project you would be using Titanic data collected form the sources mentioned above and/or provided in the excel file on Sakai.

Outline and steps:

  • Title Page: Department, University, Date, Course number, Student name, Professor. The project should not exceed 5 pages (title page excluded).

  • Statement of a problem and objective: Create your own question(s) you will be investigating, based on the data provided and/or collected by you.

  • Use tests, listed for the Project, to construct a model and analysis to answer your question(s). Make sure that the data collected properly, so you can use the tests listed.

List of the tests to be used

1.Contingency Table

2.Sign Test

3.Wilcox sign rank (Mann-Whitney test)

  • Kruskal-Wallis Test

Note: All tests should be used in the project. You can ask more than one question to make sure that all tests are used and compared.

Compare tests used (which one would give better prediction/decision than the other one, weather one test completes another one).

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