Statistics Question

1. Return to the US News dataset on Tier I National Universities.
2. Perform a t test the difference in mean PeerRating, HSGCRating, GradRate and AlumSalary
between public and private schools using a .05 level of significance.
I recommend you copy the values for the groups into two columns on a separate worksheet.
You can use the T.TEST function in Excel (see Quickquide 32 in the Salkind book). With this
function, you identify the two arrays, specify the #tails, and the type (use type=2 for the
independent sample t with equal variances assumed. This function yields the p-value under
the null hypothesis.
Or you can use the two-sample t-test with equal variances in the data toolkit. The provides all
the associated statistics. With this, set the hypothesized difference to 0.



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