UKNA1 – User Centered System Design and Evaluation

Module Title: User Centred System Design and Evaluation


This assignment is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work that is split into two parts:

In Part 1

you are required to solve the design problem set out below using the following user centred design techniques:

• Personas

• Scenarios

• Storyboards

• Prototyping

The form of submission will be a document containing all the artefacts listed above and a video presentation of up to 10 minutes.

In part 2

you are required to reflect on, and critique, one method from the design process. The form of submission is a written report of 500 words.

Tasks and Submissions:

THE BRIEF: You are required to design a prototype application to assist elderly people staying in contact with their family during a COVID lockdown.

Part 1: Design work (submitted as a document)

Design work – you need to provide the following artefacts in this document.

• 2 personas related to the design brief

  • 2 scenarios (1 for each persona)

• 2 storyboards (1 for each persona)

• Prototypes (evidence of prototypes – these could include sketches, wireframes, mock-ups)

Part 2: Project report (500 words) carries 30% of the mark for the assignment, and it consists of a critique of one of the design methods used.

• Using academic literature to support your arguments, write a critique of ONE user centred design method that you employed during the design process (personas, scenarios, storyboarding, prototyping). Introduce the method, consider how the method contributed to your design solution, and, the benefits and drawbacks of using the method in the design process.

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