UKNA2 – Object Oriented Software Development Module

Learning outcomes assessed

1.Explain and use key programming constructs to create correct and efficient programs

5.Critique and compare different software development approaches

In this assignment you will be given a research paper closely related to Object-Orientated Software Development or the wider field of Software Engineering. You must create then a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 content slides.

Task 1: Summarise the given paper and explain its key contribution(s). Contributions will be dependent on your paper and may be findings or ideas or concepts or paradigms or methods or tools. We strongly recommend you use the techniques covered on the Critical Analysis module this semester when reading your given paper.

Task 2: Outline a plan of how you would integrate the contributions from your given paper into your CO4403 Coursework part 1 assignment solution and what impact this would have. You must use specific examples linked to your given scenario/UML diagram. For example, if your paper was on automated testing your plan may give specific examples of which classes and methods you would test, why you would test them, how you would test them, what impact that would have on your code and development process.

You may choose what to include on each slide, a suggested structure is using slides 1-5 to summarise the given paper, highlight its contribution, and provide some of your own critical consideration. Then use slides 6-10 to give examples of how insights from the paper can be applied in your given context. You may add additional introduction and conclusion slides but these will not be marked.

The content of each slide should be brief and include only bullet points and figures. If you are unsure about this instruction look at the slides from the CO4403 lectures: the slides rarely contain more than 6 bullet points, each bullet point has a short sentence, figures are used wherever possible.

If you feel that you are not able to meet the marking criteria within the constraints of this format you may add an additional 100 word maximum note to each slide.

For task 1 you must provide your own interpretation of the paper; you must not quote large sections from the given paper, and you must not attempt to pass text from the paper through language translation tools.

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