Website Design course

Report 1 : PROPOSAL (50/100 Marks) – Submit softcopy
Introduction (5 Marks)
Domain of the chosen company. Audience: What is the targeted user base for your
enhancement or Extension system/website? Porter market Forces on them- Market Share of the
company. Its competitors. Current Business Model.
Proposed ideas (enhancement OR Extension) (5 Marks)
Objective – e.g. Gain more market share(5 Marks)
Problem Statement – what things that you will be fixing(5 Marks)
Project Scope – two lists – in-scope and out-of-scope (5 Marks)
Constraint to watch during producing the “New Look” of the company(5 Marks)
Assumptions – e.g Cost of the proposal, Return of Investment, How many years to break
even. (5 Marks)
This should include
New Technology to be used: e.g. CLOUD Computing, Mobile Computing, etc. Chapters of the course –
each is a new technology. Ask your self will the deployment of such technology is useful and make sense
to apply to this company.



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