Writing multi-part question

West Virginia Topographic Map Questions. Use map on eCampus

  1. What is the name of this topographic map and when was it published?

  2. What is the index contour interval and contour interval of this map?

  3. What is the scale of this map? If you were to measure 1in on this map how many miles in real life would it represent?

  4. What is the magnetic declination of this map in degrees?

  5. Using the adjoining maps key located on the middle right side of the map, which topographic map would you need if you were interested in an area directly east of the boundary of this map?

  6. Locate Coopers Rock Lake. What is the approximate elevation of this lake?

  7. What is the vertical relief (change in elevation) of the radio tower (just southeast of Morgantown) and Cheat Lake?

  8. Using the rule of v’s what direction is Bull Run flowing. Bull Run is located in Ringgold WV directly south of Morgantown.



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