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Task1: attachment has been posted In observing this module five presentation about working with the media, (particularly regarding the media as an audience) if you were the public relations officer for the Pleasantville Elementary School, how would you go about establishing and building a relationship with your local school reporter(s)?

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Task2-1: watch this link and to 2-1 and 2-2 ( https://www.youtube.com/embed/6H4Q-YPO_sY) Michelle Norris is this year’s National Public Radio’s Recipient of Reporter of the Year Award. I met Michelle when she was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and I was a School Administrator. She agreed to speak to a graduate class I was instructing at the time. I think the young instructor in the interview should look vaguely familiar, indicating I indeed had the pleasure of knowing this supeb journalist. The video clip you observe is part of that interview.

After observing the video interview with Reporter Michelle Norris, please describe the key knowledge, and/or insights (positive or negative) gained through her comments about working with the media.

Task 2-2: answer those 10 questions:

1.What does Michelle Norris believe the job of a reporter is to be?

2What is the formal way of communicating your ‘newsworthy’ story to a reporter?

3Why is sending out a media release alone not always effective in getting your story published? What else should you know and do?

4What are the informal ways that public relations need to use to share stories with news media?

5Why is it important to establish ‘personal’ relationships with a reporter?

6What is the role of deadlines in your decisions to submit stories to the media

7How do reporters find out about positive stories that go on in organizations?

8What did Dr. Horowitz mean by say ‘Reporters are not your enemies, but their also not your friends.’

9Why should you not only contact reporters when you have a ‘story’ to tell?

10Why should you not only contact reporters when you have a ‘story’ to tell?

Finally, what additional tips did Michelle share for establishing a professional relationship with the media

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