Writing Question

WEEK 10 Exercise    Writing an introduction  to Your Literature Review and Making a Synthesis Matrix

  1. Read the 14 sample introductions in the WEEK 10 module.  Choose at least 2 to analyze sentence by sentence.

  1. Write your own introduction of 5-8 sentences.

The introduction should contain:

–a brief statement of the context for the research (why this research is important to scholars and professionals in your field),
–a sentence or two about past research on the topic,
–a sentence or two breaking down the topic into main points that will be covered (or questions that will be answered) and giving an idea of the structure of the paper (chronological, methodological, or thematic),
–and a final sentence that provides a clear idea of the focus and scope of this review.

  1. Use your annotated bibliography and introductory paragraph to create a simple synthesis matrix for your review. (Information and examples in WEEK 10 Lesson Module)

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