Writing Question

A.General guideline

·Watch the counseling mock video that is provided on the course page.

·Assess the counseling skills of AT LEAST five and make a thorough reflection and critique outlined below.

B.Counseling technique

oCritique at least 5 counseling techniques from attending skills, responding skills, influencing skills, self-disclosures, body language, paraphrasing, mirroring, feedback, directives, and establishing trust.

C.Structure of the paper

  • Introduction (0.5 page)

    • Brief summary about the session: Where and when did it take place? What was the client’s story?

    • What was the purpose of the session?

  • Reflection (1 – 2 pages)

  • Document how the counselor applied five counseling techniques.

  • Document each application of skills with the direct quotes from the dialogue between the counselor and the client (see exemplar paper).

  • Critique (2-3 pages)

Write a critique of the counseling session, addressing all the questions below:

o In general, how well do you think the counselor conducted the session?

o Name two things the counselor might have done differently and why?

o What areas or themes do you wish the counselor had covered in the counseling but did not? And why?


    1. The text except for direct quotes should be double spaced, font 12.

    2. Direct quotes should be single spaced, font 10 in a separate paragraph.

    3. For citation, use APA 7th manual. (https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html )

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