Accounting report

In this mini-case you will perform the substantive procedures related to the audit of Apollo’s Accounts Receivable. As part of your audit you will evaluate documents such as accounts receivable aging schedules, confirmations and bank statements. For ease, your audit teammate has already picked up the PBC schedules and scanned and labeled them in the binder for you.

Read all memos from your manager and the client, then read the steps in the audit program for AR found on Work Paper E-0 and familiarize yourself with work papers E-1 through E-4. Complete all the steps on the audit program.

Be sure to document your work using the designated tick marks. The tick mark legend is located at the bottom of each work paper.

Remember that cross-references on the left indicate the number is from that document and on the right if the number goes to that document.

When you are finished with each workpaper, enter your initials in the box in the top right marked “Prepared By”.

When you are finished with the entire workbook, rename this document AR_Firstname_Lastname and upload it to D2L.

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