ACCT 402:Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

Assignment Question(s):                                                                (Marks 15)

Question 1:                                                                                      (04 Marks)

Explain what an AIS is, describe the basic tasks it performs in an organization using examples of Saudi Companies.




Question 2:                                                                                     (03 Marks)

Give examples of Saudi companies that using ERP and what are the advantages of implementing the ERP?




Question 3:                                                                                    (04 Marks)

  • What motives do people have for hacking? Why has hacking become so popular in recent years?  Do you regard it as a crime?  Explain your position.







Question 4:                                                                                     (02 Marks)

Describe at least four ways a company can make fraud less likely to occur.






Question 5:                                                                                     (02 Marks)

Personal information about customers is collected, used, disclosed, and maintained only in compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements and is protected from unauthorized disclosure. With reference to Privacy Concern how would you deal with SPAM and Identify Theft problem of your business organization?


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