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A commercial bank is a financial institution which provides various banking services and products to the general public, both individual consumers and small to medium sized businesses. Issuing bank cards is one of the popular services provided by the commercial banks to the consumers. On this topic, you are required choose any one of the commercial banks existing in the Sultanate of Oman and complete the following tasks:

I. Give an introduction about the chosen commercial bank existing in the Sultanate of Oman and the various services and products offered by them to the customers. (Approximately 100 words)

II. Discuss any 4 different debit cards and credit cards offered to the customers by the chosen commercial

bank. (Approximately 600 words)

III. Based on the above understanding, you are required to discuss the steps to be followed when the debit card or credit card is stolen or lost. (Approximately 200 words)

IV. Discuss the precautionary measures to be followed by the customers to keep their debit card or credit card transactions safe. (Approximately 200 words)

V. Conclusion: Understanding the importance of debit card and credit cards, which one play a major role on

saving the money?

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