Assessing the workforce

consider three types of employees:

  • Basic – An employee who is new to the industry and has limited skills to support the role.
  • Emerging – An employee who has been in the industry for some time but still has more to learn and develop.
  • Established – An employee who has many years of experience and requires very little direction and support.

Begin by assessing your own strengths and weaknesses related to workforce development. To do that, complete a SWOT analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses related to evaluating the knowledge and skill gaps of staff members. A SWOT analysis requires you to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to evaluating knowledge and skill gaps. Create development plans to address those skill gaps.

After you have completed the analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses, identify at least two common strengths and weaknesses for each of the three above mentioned groups of employees. Describe some best practices for working with these three different groups of employees (basic, emerging, and established).

Cite peer-reviewed literature to support the best practices you recommend.

The empty cells in the following table illustrate the categories of information you have to provide. You need not use this table format to complete the assignment.

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