Banking Control Law 1

Assignment Questions

1.Explain the following banking laws in the context of Saudi Arabia.

1.1.Banking Control Law [2 Marks]

1.2.Anti-Money Laundering Law [2 Marks]

2.Explain the following Finance laws in the context of Saudi Arabia.

2.1.Regulation of the Finance Companies [2 Marks]

2.2.Regulation of the Real Estate Finance Law [2 Marks]

3.Get the inflation report of Saudi Arabia for Q3 of 2021 and Q3 of 2022 from the SAMA website and compare the changes. [2 Marks]

4.Choose a Bank of your choice and do the following

4.1.Provide the list of its all lending programs. [1 Mark]

4.2.Discuss any two lending programs in detail [2 Marks]

5.Discuss the Insurance Licensing Guidelines and Minimum Criteria published by SAMA. [2 Mark

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