BIOL2410 Assignment 2 (25 marks total)

1. Starting with the action potential on the sarcolemma, create a flow chart that describes
the events of excitation contraction coupling and the contraction cycle in skeletal muscle.
Which of these events is prevented from occurring during rigor mortis and why? (8
2. Explain why the corneal reflex can be considered a cranial somatic reflex that is both
ipsilateral and contralateral (3 marks)
3. For the following hormones, identify their site of production (name the gland, tissue or
structure that produces them), their classification (peptide, steroid or amine) their primary
targets, and their main effects. Which of the hormones listed is/are considered a
neurohormone? (5 marks)
Hormone     Site of production     Classification              Targets                          Main Effect
Hormone (GnRH)
4. A person has a genetic disorder that causes a malfunction in the pendrin transporter in
thyroid follicular cells.
a) How would synthesis of thyroid hormones be affected and what one word would
you use to describe the resulting condition? (2 marks)
b) Would you describe the pathology of this condition as a primary or secondary or
tertiary pathology? Explain why. (2 marks)
c) What specific process involved in thyroid hormone synthesis is affected? (1 mark)
5. During the ovarian cycle what feedback mechanism causes the LH surge that results in
ovulation and which endocrine glands, hormones, and target cells are involved? (4 marks)
6. Be certain to attach a completed Honesty Declaration form as the final page of your
assignment. Assignments submitted without this form will not be graded.

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