biology project

Students are expected to relate a gene mutation or chromosome abnormality to a particular human genetic disease or disorder to compose a genetic disorder report. You should cite the known alterations in specific genes or chromosomes resulting in dysfunction of proteins and/or problems of biological processes involved in the disease as mechanisms on cellular and molecular levels. Your report should be 6-12 pages total (double space), including references and figures. Do not count the cover page. Save your report as PDF file.

FIVE parts of Report:

  1. (5 points) Cover page with the title of the selected disease/course name/student’s name/date
  2. (10 points) Introduction to the genetic disorder: general background information including the disorder definition, characteristics, cause, syndrome, population distribution etc.
  3. (20 points) Body of the report: starting with the genes and gene products (RNAs or proteins) involved in certain normal cellular functions to describe how/what goes wrong to cause the disorder, such as gene mutation, abnormal chromosome structure or number, dysfunction of proteins, or abnormal function of proteins. I encourage you to use pictures or figures or models from scientific articles to convey important points, genes, pathways, and explain the mechanisms by your own writings.
  4. (10 points) Conclusion with a summary of your report, what you have learnt for this disorder, the pattern of inheritance, and any known or possible prevention or treatments. Additionally, it is interesting to add some personal aspects such as the reason you choose the topic and how it is beneficial to your personal life through understanding the disease if any
  5. (5 points) References: Our lecture notes and textbook are very good references. To search additional information, Google / Google Scholar is a good place to look for background information and cellular / molecular mechanisms regarding the genetic Try to use the websites of “.gov” , “.edu”, or “.org”, and avoid to use “.com”. List your citations and references.
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