Biology Question

Here are the prompts for this week:

Prompt 1— (Chapter 13) What is demographic stochasticity? Give 2 examples. What is environmental stochasticity? Give 2 examples. What are the differences between demographic stochasticity and environmental stochasticity? How should the probability of extinction due to stochastic processes vary with population size? (Note: Make sure you respond to each subtask.)

Prompt 2— (Chapter 13) What is a metapopulation? If you were trying to save an endangered species that lives in a metapopulation, what strategies would you employ in your attempt to increase the proportion of occupied patches? Use an example (e.g., California Condor) to make your argument & talk about at least 2 strategies.

Prompt 3— (Chapter 14) In evolutionary terms, use an example to explain why introduced species can often have harmful effects on native species but can also be controlled by an enemy that comes from the introduced species’ native region.



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