BMGT2700:901 Mng Diversity in the Workplace

Bias Exercise (70 points)
**Your responses should be based on the video’s content. It is necessary to avoid
any deduction of points.

Part A:

If discrimination is against the law, why are some organizations still having
problems with the mistreatment of people based on their physical appearance?

(6 points)

Please watch the short film
Bias and respond to the following:
1. As a manager in the workplace, summarize the merits of having your employees
watch this sf. (8 points, one paragraph)

2. What are three conclusions that can be made about the effect bias has on the
people in the short film. (9 points)

Part B:

After viewing the
Confirmation Bias video, please answer the following questions:
1. What is confirmation bias? How is it defined in the video? (8 points)

2. Describe how the video illustrates confirmation bias? Be specific. (5 points)

Part C:

After viewing the
Understanding Attribution Bias (Error) training video, please
answer the following questions:

1. What is attribution bias? (8 points)

2. Define selfserving error. (6 points)
Is it similar and/or different from attribution error? State how?

Be sure to support your response. (10 points)

3. How can attribution error (if used by a manager or someone with authority)
negatively impact or affect diversity and inclusion in the workplace? (10 points)

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