Cognition and Intelligence

Choose one of these options and fully explain your answer in your post. Your post should be at least a long paragraph (4-5 sentences). In your post, you must apply a concept from the textbook. Put the concept in bold print.

Option 1: Why do you think IQ tests such as the Stanford-Binet scale are highly validity in Western cultures, but irrelevant in others? When testing a student from another culture for college admission, should a standard intelligence test be used? Why or why not?

Option 2: Gardner’s theory that there are eight types of intelligence is very popular. Do you agree all eight of his types of intelligences are really types of intelligence, or are they skills? What leads you to believe that? Give an example of one of Gardner’s types of intelligence (not logical-mathematical or linguistic), and how you might test it.

Option 3: How do you think culture shapes creativity? Do you think different cultures or settings have similar conceptions of creativity?

Option 4: According to the Flynn Effect, Western nations have shown average IQ gains of 15 points during the last 30 years. Do you think IQ scores will continue to improve? What factors could contribute to continued enhanced IQ scores?

After you have submitted your post, you must respond substantively to someone else’s post. An example of substantive would be addressing another issue from the book or lecture that applies to that person’s post, or talking about something that you have read somewhere else or learned in another class that is relevant to that person’s post. Cite the source of your information it is a source outside of the textbook.

The textbook name is Psychology Themes and Variations 11th edition Wayne Weiten. let me know if you need anything else

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