Instructions Download, modify and submit Step 1: Verify Requirements for the Lesson Plan Project Access requirements with GENERATE – Clarify the Lesson Plan Project To complete the Lesson Plan Project, you need to Apply knowledge and information from the Student Profile Project. Select one Mandated Core Curriculum standard for your lesson plan. Develop learning objectives for your lesson. Create a teacher-centered version of the lesson plan by adjusting structure, instructional methods, materials, activities, and assessments and adjusting learning theory or a framework. Create a student-centered version of the lesson plan by adjusting structure, instructional methods, materials, activities, and assessments and adjusting learning theory or a framework. Worth 25% of your course grade, the Lesson Plan Project takes you through the process of planning instruction for a specific student group which you have identified in a Student Learning Profile. This project has four components and a closing self-assessment. To obtain full credit, you need to submit all assignments by the scheduled due date and completely follow directions. When you create this lesson plan, you will transfer existing knowledge of learning theory, educational psychology and your Student Learning Profile. This process will require you to identify the learning and cognitive needs of the student group, describe their educational experience, detail their learning, research instructional strategies that address teacher-centered and student-centered methods. CO1. Identify historical, social, political, and economic factors currently influencing educational delivery. CO2. Compare and contrast social cognitive, humanistic, neuroscientific, and behavioral theories of learning and discuss their implications for teaching and learning. CO3. Explain ways in which information processing, problem-solving, thinking, and memory capabilities apply to learn and instruction. CO4. Explain motivation, how it impacts learning and ways of working with students. CO7. Explain various types of assessment and grading and evaluate key issues in standardized testing. CO8. Explain major components to lesson planning, including teacher-centered and student-centered lesson planning. CO9. Explain classroom management and ways to facilitate a positive learning environment. Step 2: Verify Requirements for the Teacher-Centered Lesson Plan Clarify a student-centered lesson plan with GENERATE – Complete The Teacher-Centered Lesson Plan The lesson plan template contains several sections you need to modify the template to create a student-centered lesson. Shared Sections: Both the teacher-centered and student-centered lesson plans should feature the same information in the following sections. Student Make-Up of Class Lesson Details Modified Sections: To create a student-centered lesson plan, you need to make changes to the following sections. Lesson Materials Instructional Materials Student Materials Key Lesson Elements Desired Learning Climate Student-Centered Instructional Methods Standardized Assessment Methods Student-Centered Assessment Methods Interaction & Engagement Methods Basic Lesson Structure Classroom Management Considerations Lesson Introduction Lesson Middle Lesson Conclusion Step 3: Prepare Your Lesson Plan for Submission Review Course Assignment Policies When you complete any course writing assignments, be sure to clarify all key course assignment polices found in the syllabus. Specifically, Minimum Standards Policy Assignment Submissions Policy Academic Integrity Policy Apply APA Documentation The documentation format and style used in education is APA. All student assignments and course reference citations reflect and model APA Style. To explore documentation,

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