Corporate University organizational

  1. Discuss how formal and/or informal organizational leaders are key to the success of the Corporate University organizational learning model.
  2. Do you (or any of your peers) have an example of an organization you have worked for that applies the CU model (or type of model) when it comes to projects (or organizational goals)? If so, how were such programs strategically planned and implemented? If you do not have an example, can you think of an external instance of a successful implementation?
  3. Discuss the various Learning Management Systems that you may be aware of. If you do not have direct experience, explore the Learning Management System web sites/demos/videos, etc. Then, select one such system and discuss the benefits and drawbacks.
  4. If you were a CEO of a major company, do you believe significant financial investments into using the best LMS outweigh the initial economic costs to a business, or should affordability be the priority or kept in mind?
  5. What do you believe are the cost-benefits of selecting the suitable LMS, and how does it impact the learning organization?
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