Criminal justice homework

Answer each question separately and provide the source after each question. So each question should have its source and write it after the answer immediately. Answer all the question parts ( some of them have more than one parts) so make sure to answer all of them. Use APA format.

1. What is the cycle-of-violence hypothesis? (10 points)

2. Why would a terrorist volunteer for a suicide mission? (10 points)

3. Describe three of the rape myths (10 points)

4. Differentiate between acquaintance and date rape (10 points)

5. List and describe briefly the characteristics of lone wolf terrorists. Provide an example. (10 points)

6. Design a program that could be offered in schools to address school violence. Include details about what research tells us about the perpetrators of these attacks (30 points)

7. Discuss four ways juveniles are able to access guns (10 points)

8. Explain the following crime scene classifications organized, disorganized, and mixed crime scene classification. (10 points)

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