Cyber security writing question

Required Source Information and ToolsWeb References:

Links to Web references in this document and related materials are subject to change without prior notice.

The following tools and resources will be needed to complete this project:

  • Course textbook

  • Internet access

  • DoD instructions or directives

  • Risk Management Framework (RF) for Department of Defense Information Technology (IT)… and…

  • Department of Defense Information Security Program

  • Department of Defense Internet Services and Internet-Based Capabilities…

  • Department of Defense Proposes New Information Security Requirements for Contractors:…

  • School/public library (optional)

  • 12 servers running Microsoft Server 2012 R2, providing the following:

    • Active Directory (AD)

    • Domain Name System (DNS)

    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application (Oracle)

    • A Research and Development (R&D) Engineering network segment for testing, separate from the production environment

    • Microsoft Exchange Server for e-mail

    • Symantec e-mail filter

    • Websense for Internet use

  • Two Linux servers running Apache Server to host your Web site

  • 390 PCs/laptops running Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, and Adobe Reader

  • Select a team leader for your project group.

  • Hold weekly team meetings as a group and/or with your instructor to be sure your team is proceeding correctly.

  • Create policies that are DoD compliant for the organization’s IT infrastructure.

  • Develop a list of compliance laws required for DoD contracts.

  • List controls placed on domains in the IT infrastructure.

  • List required standards for all devices, categorized by IT domain.

  • Develop a deployment plan for implementation of these polices, standards, and controls.

  • List all applicable DoD frameworks in the final delivery document.

  • Write a professional report that includes all of the above content-related items.


Project Checkpoints

The course project has a checkpoint strategy. Checkpoint deliverables allow you to receive valuable feedback on your interim work. In this project, you have several ungraded checkpoint deliverables. (See the course Syllabus for the schedule.)undefined

You may discuss project questions with the instructor, and you should receive feedback from the instructor on previously submitted work. Checkpoint deliverables ensure refinement of the final deliverables, if incorporated effectively. The final deliverable for this project is a professional report.


Expected Deliverables


Submit a bulleted list of DoD-compliant policies, standards, and controls that affect the WAN, Remote Access, and System/Application Domains.


You work for a high-tech company with approximately 390 employees. Your firm recently won a large DoD contract, which will add 30% to the revenue of your organization. It is a high-priority, high-visibility project. You will be allowed to make your own budget, project timeline, and tollgate decisions.

This course project will require you to form a team of 2 to 3 coworkers (fellow students) and develop the proper DoD security policies required to meet DoD standards for delivery of technology services to the U.S. Air Force Cyber Security Center (AFCSC), a DoD agency. To do this, you must develop DoD-approved policies and standards for your IT infrastructure (see the “Tasks” section below). The policies you create must pass DoD-based requirements. Currently, your organization does not have any DoD contracts and thus has no DoD-compliant security policies or controls in place’

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