Databases presentation

module will introduce you to at least seven current commercial database

systems. These include both relational and “NoSQL” databases.

In this assignment you will develop a short presentation of the NoSQL database that has interested you the most.

Choose any currently available NoSQL DBMS and develop a short

presentation about it.This might include a demonstration, but it should focus

on a discussion of the DBMS’s capabilities.It should also consider

professional issues surrounding the use of data and databases (see Learning

Objective 3, above).

You may use any DBMS that is available to you (if in doubt, consult the

undefined module tutor).


In brief: ensure that you;

Any examples provided by the module tutor should be appropriately

referenced, as should examples from external sources

Write it to look like a script so that I can develop a video with it(the assignment is actually a video presentation) .and also put some points on power point that can be used for a presentation.

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