Describe in details the circulatory and cardiovascular system?

Answer the following question on a WORD document:

Describe in details the circulatory and cardiovascular system?

Points to Note/Remember

▪ The assignment is due by 02:00 p.m. on Thursday, 25 March. Please keep the time and date in mind and accordingly plan your work to meet the submission deadline.

▪ For assignments submitted after the due date, marks will be deducted by 5% for each day of delay.

▪ The number of attempts to submit the assignments and activities through the Blackboard system is only three. Please note that if you submit your assignment before the due date, your final attempt will be marked; but if you submit your assignment after the due date, your first attempt will be marked.

▪ The assignment must be completed on a WORD document.

Formatting Guidelines

▪ The number of words should be between 500 and 700 words (word count does not include assignment questions, formatting guidelines, cover sheets and references pages).

▪ For main text body, use Times New Roman, 12 point and 1.5-line spacing.

▪ For all characters in other texts (e.g. tables, figures and bibliography), use Times New Roman, 11 point and 1.0-line spacing.

▪ Answers should include at least a scientific table and figure.

▪ Figures and tables should have clear and concise titles and should be presented on separate pages.

▪ The table’s title should be placed above it.

▪ The figure’s title should be placed below it.

▪ Include at least three references.

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