Digital marketing

Read this article:

And then this article:

For this assignment and all assignments, to receive an A, you need to:

Show evidence that you read the readings and/or watched the videos.

Type your answers in complete sentences with good grammar and no errors.

Then answer the following questions:

1. Why is ethical marketing important?

2. The first article lists 5 steps to creating ethical marketing. After reading the second article, list one more step to creating ethical marketing and list why it should be on the list.

3. The second article seems to take a left hand turn and starts talking about why long articles is so important. Do you agree with the argument that a lot of content is a key to developing trust? Why or why not?

4. Think about the brands you are loyal to. Pick two brands you trust. After some self-examination, why do you trust them? Now list one brand that has lost your trust. Explain why you don’t trust them any longer. Include a few sentences for this answer. Don’t just answer in one quick sentence.

5. People were offended by this ad. Social media erupted about it in a super negative way. The ad was pulled immediately. The brand apologized.

This YouTube link seems to keep breaking. If it doesn’t work for you, try this: Then watch the commercial entitled

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