English question

Write a short story

  • Write a short story (3-4 lines) about something that happened to you last year. This story must include sentences having a variety of phrases (NP, VP, PP).

  • After finishing writing the story, highlight allThen, write only three different phrase structure rules for them (NP, VP and PP) in any space of your document.

  • Underline one simple sentence in the story, and then draw a tree diagram for it.

  • Identify two words in the story and make them bold. Write three semantic featuresfor each of them using +/-.Instructions:

  • Font size: 12

  • Font type: Times New Roman

  • Write your first name and last name at the top of the document.

  • Save the file as a pdf.

  • Submit it twice on Blackboard since you have only 2 attempts.

  • Try to avoid plagiarism from any sources.

  • It is optional that you can draw a tree diagram using your pen and paper and then takea screen shot of your tree diagram and attach it to your document.

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