English writing question

Personal Reflective Journal

A. Read and understand 1 and 4, and view the video tutorials in 2 and 3 below.

1. What is a Personal Reflections Journal?

According to the Northern Illinois University’s Center of Innovative Teaching & Learning, “Reflective journals are personal records of students’ learning experiences. Students typically are asked by their instructors to record learning-related incidents, sometimes during the learning process but more often just after they occur.”

2. What is the purpose of writing a reflection?

Video tutorial (Links to an external site.)

3. View the video tutorials below to learn and understand what it takes to write good reflections for this assignment.

Video tutorial (Links to an external site.)

4. What are the benefits of reflective journal writing?

Click here for more information (Links to an external site.)

B. What must you do?


NoteDo not wait until the last minute to complete all the entries.

  • View, reflect, and type out your reflections based on the weekly YouTube videos.

  • Your reflections must be typed and saved in a Word document.

  • Refer to the rubric and meet every criteria

  • Date every entry.

  • Your journal is private so don’t worry about “grammar or correctness.” Instead, write about what made you think or what most grabbed your attention, angered, moved, or amused you.

  • Give a catchy title for each entry.

  • All entries must not be less than 250 words and not more than 500 words to receive a full grade.

  • Each entry must be double-spaced and typed using Times New Roman pt. 12.

  • There is no need to use APA or MLA format.

  • A complete set of journal entries must be submitted in ONE single WORD document or pdf file on CANVAS.

  • Late submissions will not be accepted.

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