Entrepreneurship and small business 402

Choose one of the following industries:


Craft Beer



Research and list all inputs

Describe the operational steps to transform inputs into outputs

Describe the steps for quality control

Create a flow chart to show the operational steps

Example for a latte:

Inputs: Roasted coffee beans, syrup flavoring, milk, and the expertise of the barista.

Source of coffee: South America or Africa

Brief Example of Transformation Flow Chart (yours should include more details and description):

Raw beans are picked, bagged, and shipped. –˃ Beans are roasted in bulk. –˃ Quality Check (describe), then roasted beans are shipped to retail stores.

–˃ Beans are ground. –˃ Espresso is made to order by barista.

–˃ Milk is steamed, and added to espresso with syrup.

Please don’t copy/paste an existing flow chart. Research the operational steps, create your own diagram, and describe the process in your own words.

Upload your report as word or pdf document.

2nd one

Business Pitch Discussion

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Pitch Presentation – Discussion

Using the idea from your business reports, or a new idea, if you’d like, prepare a brief pitch deck and post it in our discussion.

The Pitch Deck should include:

Who you are – you and your team

The problem you intend to solve

Your competitive advantage

Your solution

Product description

Primary market and consumers

Competition, and plan to compete

How you can sustain profitability

Post your Pitch Deck by 5/12

Respond to at least 2 Pitch Presentations by 5/19

To receive full credit, evaluate each pitch deck, and comment on what is effective, and opportunities for improvement. Identify strengths and weaknesses for the pitch. Please be respectful, using professional business communication.

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