Environmental science writing question

To understand just how complex the Clean Air Act is and how effective it has been at improving air quality in the United States, watch the short video about the CAA here: The Clean Air Act (Links to an external site.)

2. Then, read a short article about recent research confirming the health impacts of the Clean Air Act here: How the Clean Air Act Has Saved $22 Trillion in Health-Care Costs (Links to an external site.)

Summary: Your local Congressional representative has sponsored a bill to repeal the Clean Air Act. She has stated that the legislation is too cumbersome for industries and claims that the costs to comply with the CAA are not worth the benefits.

Action: After reviewing Chapter 19 and the materials above, write a minimum 500-word speech to be presented to your local representative in Congress, during a town hall meeting, about the benefits of the Clean Air Act. Be sure to use details from the materials above in your statement supporting the legislation and why it should be kept intact.

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