Ethan 7.1

answer these questions below (10 points) and view these other items for the bonus questions (5 pts)

1. What is Assimilation? Give examples of how it was implemented. (2 pts)

2. How were the children treated that was like the military? What did General Pratt at Carlisle say about killing Indians? (2 pts)

3. How might children raised in Boarding Schools have a difficult time becoming good parents? Discuss ideas of nurture; what does sexual abuse do? (2 pts)

4. How did Boarding Schools make some Indians stronger? What eventually happened in modern schools? (2 pts)

5. Name one of the famous people mentioned who excelled although they were in Boarding School. What were their accomplishments? (2 pts)


6. How do Native American mascots affect some people both negatively and positively? (2 Bonus pts)

7. Discuss the intergenerational trauma in each of the two clips below. Name the clip you are referring to (3 Bonus pts)

Links to an external site.

Our Spirits Don’t Speak English: Indian Boarding School

Links to an external site.Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School

More information on Intergenerational Trauma.

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