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Asian-Americans have recently been targets of violence and other racist attacks for the perceived role of China in the Covid Pandemic. These attacks are nothing new spanning attacks against Near East, Middle East, and Far East Asian people in military conflicts over the last 100 years. They include the Gold Rush and building of the Transcontinental Railway era, World War II (Japanese internment camps) and the Korean War conflict, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, wars in Iraq and Iran.

RESPONSES: (15 points) You will submit three paragraphs; one for each topic; the 1st topic requires a longer response than 2 &3.

Give a brief synopsis for each of the three topics. And then respond to how you feel about each topic. Have you seen or heard of these topics in your own experience?

1) Asian women and misogyny (7 pts) have been dealt a complex and difficult role in the United States. First are the earliest immigrants from times like the Gold Rush to 20th century US Military presence in their countries. This has continued influencing stereotypical behaviors today.

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2) Women of color and Feminists (4 pts)

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3) Asian Americans in the Covid World (4 pts)

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