Event production and design floor plan design project

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Based on the following client profiles and develop a floor plan that includes the following components:

– Creative layout of the space

– Indicate guest flow within the space

– Include design elements such as dancefloor, stage, bar areas, lounge areas, cocktailstations, backdrops, lighting, table setting, etc.

– Showcases understanding of seating capacity for the number of guests attending

– Outlines key elements within client profiles

Client profiles: Makeup product launch for up to 250 attendees that includes hair and makeup stations, food displays, and product displays with purchasing capability

For the purpose of this assignment you need to use Merri, AllSeated.com or Socialtables.comYou must submit a PDF version of the floor plan along with a written + visual summary outlining which client you choose and what you are showcasing within your floor plan. Include your name and assignment number. If it is not in PDF format, points will be deducted.

Include dimensions**. – Creativity within defining the space based on the guest count. – Floor plans should include key components for an event such as a guest entry/check-in,food stations, bar area, seating, staging, dancefloor (when necessary), entertainment, etc.

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