federal employment and worker protection laws

There are numerous state and federal employment and worker protection laws that govern the employment relationship and are essential for all organizations to understand and follow. This project will give you the opportunity to study the law, research recent cases to understand the application of the law, write a paper, and make a professional Power Point presentation on the basics of the law and the key things employers need to know and do to be legally compliant. The following list includes the statutes that you can use for the term paper:

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

– Race Discrimination

-Gender Discrimination

-National Origin Discrimination

-Color Discrimination

-Pregnancy Discrimination

-Sexual Harassment

-Religious Discrimination


-The Americans with Disabilities Act (Disability Discrimination)

-The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (Age Discrimination)

-Equal Pay Act

-Fair Labor Standards Act

-Occupational Safety and Health Act

-National Labor Relations Act

-Workers Compensation

-Affirmative Action

Research one of the specific laws from the list above. Then write a detailed research paper on the topic, which must include the following information:

  1. An introduction that includes the law you researched and the prohibited practices and scope of the coverage of the law (e.g., ADA, ADEA, Title VII).
  2. Explain the law, including its protections.
  3. What elements are necessary for a plaintiff to prove and what defenses may an employer assert?
  4. The process for filing the claim.
  5. The remedies available to the plaintiffs.
  6. At least four relevant business cases and their outcomes (the cases should all focus on your topic (e.g., age, religion, disability, worker’s compensation).
  7. Employer liability for actions of employees and/or customers.
  8. Your opinion on the problem, the laws, and their enforcement.
  9. Your thoughts and ideas on what a business should do to protect itself from violating the law.
  10. Conclusion.
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