Film Question

What aspects of film form can you observe in other media? How do these media use elements of cinematic style to achieve visual, sonic, and narrational effects?

Find an example of moving image media other than film. This could be a scene from a television show, a sequence from a video game, content on a streaming platform (YouTube, TikTok, etc.), or something similar. If you’re looking at very short-form media like TikTok, please look at channel or collection of videos.

Write a 2-3 page response, about 500-650 words, with your observations of how your example employs techniques like narration, motifs, patterns and/or variations in cinematography and mise-en-scene, sound—anything that stands out to you and that you can describe using technical terminology from the class. How does your example use these elements of cinematic form? In what ways does this medium differ from film in its form?

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