Fin201 assignment 2 (afnan)

Q-1. What are some of the major sources of short-term financing, and how are interest rates on these loans quoted?  How do firms develop a short-term financing plan that meets their need for cash?  ( 5 Marks – 400 to 500 words )

Q-2. Solve the following questions:-

 (A)- Create the statement of sources and uses of cash from the following entries:

( 2.5 Marks )

(B)– Energetic, Inc. believes that it can acquire Satisfied Industries and improve efficiency to the extent that the market value of Satisfied will increase by $5 million. Satisfied currently sells for $20 a share, and there are 1 million shares outstanding.

1. Satisfied’s management is willing to accept a cash offer of $25 a share. Can the merger be accomplished on a friendly basis?
2. What will happen if Satisfied’s management holds out for an offer of $28 a share? 

( 2.5 Marks )

Q-3 . Describe the basic differences between mergers, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, divestitures, and spin-offs.  ( 2.5 Marks- 300 to 400 words )

Q-4 – How can options, futures, and forward contracts be used to devise simple hedging strategies? Discuss similarities and differences between futures contracts and forward contracts. ( 2.5 Marks- 300 to 400 words )





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