Finance question

For each question in this set, you will need to use the data contained in the Excel fle “Homework 1 Data” found under the files tab. lt contains the 1995-2018 monthly returns for Microsoft(MSFT),Exxon Mobil (XOM), IBM (IBM),and Chevron (CVX).

Assuming you have data in cells A1:A10 andB1B10some useful Excel commands include:

Mean of series A:=AVERAGE(A1:A10) Variance of series A:=VAR(A1:A10)

Standard deviation of series A:=STDEV(A1:A10)

Covariance between series Aand B:=COVAR(A1:A10,B1:B10)

Coefficient of correlation between series A and B:=CORREL(A1:A10,B1:B10) Square root of a number in cell A1: =SQRT(A1)

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