geological hazards

This discussion aims to make you aware of the geological hazards affecting societies around the world and the potential actions to build resilience.

Background information:

Video: Natural Hazards Affect Humans (AGI)

Video: Natural Hazards (Crash Course Geography)

Web page: Natural Hazards, Geology (University of Washington)

Web page: Geologic Hazards Science Center (USGS)

Video: Catastrophic Landslide in California: Can We Stop the Unstoppable? (PBS Terra)

Video: Will the Cascadia Earthquake be the Worst Disaster North America’s Ever Seen? (PBS Terra)

E-document: Primer on Natural Hazard Management in Integrated Regional Development Planning (OAS)


1. Consider your favorite location around the world other than Miami. What type of natural hazards do you expect to find there? Be specific. Is there evidence of past catastrophic natural events in such a location? Provide specific examples—minimum 100 words plus references (non included in your word count).

2. Imagine that you will buy a house and retire at your favorite location; how can you minimize the risk on your investment (and life)? Support your answers with evidence.

3. What type of measurements can the local government at your chosen location take to minimize the potential material and human costs of catastrophic geological and other natural events? Minimum 100 words, add references (non included in your word count).

4. Comment on the answers of 1 of your classmates. Be critical of your classmate’s responses.

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