As we have learned in this unit, education is an important factor in determining occupation and income, as well as health. The COVID-19 pandemic has created major set backs in education, leading to questions regarding the K-12 system. One idea that has gained traction as a result is “funding students, not systems”.

Your Tasks

Task 1- Read/Research

Please take a few moments to review the SCHOOL Act

Links to an external site., which was introduced in August 2020. You can also conduct your own search for article commentaries regarding the Act.

Task 2- Original Post

Next, you will need to create your discussion post. Your post must address the following (point values indicated in bold):

  1. What are positive and/or negative outcomes that could result if the SCHOOL Act is passed? (5 points)
  2. Given your research into this topic, do you support the Act or not? Explain. (5 points)
  3. What are other means with which we can lesson educational inequalities? (6 points)
  4. Post must be a minimum of 250 words. (2 points)
  5. Include at least 1 outside reference, cited in APA format. This reference needs to be cited both in-text and at the end of the post in a reference list. (2 points)

Task 2- Peer Response

  1. Respond to at least 2 classmate’s posts. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with their opinion and why. (10 points)
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