History of Psychology?

Please complete the required readings first, then bring in information/research (at least 2 key terms/concepts) from the required readings to answer the questions below:

After reading Modules 1-6, you learned about the History of Psychology, and how Critical Thinking, Science, Experimentation and Non-experimental Methods are used to collect information in the field of Psychology. “Critical Thinkers pause to evaluate the, compare, analyze, critique and synthesize what they are reading” (Chaffee, 2015). Using the content from the required readings:

  • Discuss at least two of the “Critical Thinking Principles”. Which principle stands out as particularly important and why did you choose it?

  • Compare and Contrast the concepts of “critical thinking” and “confirmation bias”. What are they defined as, how are they related to each other, and how are they different?

  • Describe a time when you found out something that you believed was completely wrong. How did you react? Was there anything that could have been done to change your perspective?

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