HIT172 Operating Systems and Applications

Setting up Remote Desktop Connection: (Marks 06)
You are working as HelpDesk Support for an organization where your usual
duty involves providing remote users various IT related supports. Majority
of these users are placed in locations where high-speed LAN (10Mbpds) are
not available. Assume they are using the Darwin VM at their end, and you
have Canberra VM at your end. Now you will have to set up Remote Desktop
Connection from Canberra to Darwin; so that you, with the physical access
to Canberra VM, can remotely connect to Darwin VM. You also have to ensure
the connection is optimized for low-speed broadband networks.
Follow the submission format and before starting this task ensure VMs can
ping each other.
TASK-02: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Creating Firewall Rules: (Marks 06)
www.cdu.edu.au or cdu.edu.au has the IP address of Create
an outbound firewall rule in any of the VMs that will allow the VM’s browser
to access all other websites except that of CDU’s one.
Name the rule according to your own CDU student ID, for instance s298900.
But don’t use ‘298900’, use your own ID.
Before you initiate the task, change the VM’s Network from ‘intnet’ to ‘NAT’,
this will allow access to internet through your host (physical) machine. So
also ensure your physical machine is connected to internet.
You must provide all the necessary screenshots up until the creation of the
rule as well as results following the submission format. While providing the
result, include browser’s screenshot where it shows it can access other
websites but not CDU; plus in the same screenshot, include ping screenshot
where it shows – within one command box – a ping request to
succeeds whereas another request to fails (the format for
screenshot is given next page). is a public DNS server used and maintained by Google so it is always
up and running.
Now once you are done with the above and taken necessary screenshots for
the whole process and result; make required changes to the rule so that this
time, Ping requests to CDU goes through but the website still remains
unavailable. (hint: ping uses ICMP while Web Traffic uses TCP).
I’ve attached the following screenshot for reference, as you can see, the
browser and command box must be present within a single screenshot.
TASK-03: Linux Commands
Linux: (Marks 08)
Following are some tasks which should be executed in a terminal and the
corresponding screenshot should be included.
• Find out the ID of a specific process and cease its execution using that
• Show how to move two files, F1.txt and F2.txt from Device directory
(/dev) to Home directory. Just assume these two files are already
• Using Method-1* for chmod, set permission for a file in the format rwx
rw- -w- and rw- r-x –x.
• Using Method-2* for chmod, ‘Give Execute and Write’ permission to
group and owner for a file.
* Refer to the chmod section of Linux command file for Method 1 and
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