1. You will design a project to study some aspect of air and briefly describe it.
  2. In 3 sentences you will describe:
    1. Sentence 1: Your project. Briefly, state the type of project and the data you would collect. If you cannot think of anything, look back at the lecture for ideas.
    2. Sentence 2: Where would you set this project? More than one location? One? Describe the location.
    3. Sentence 3: What is/are the long term benefits to conducting this project?
  3. You may embed a photo if you think that will help describe your project.
  4. You do not need to label your sentences as “Sentence 1” etc.
  5. You may not copy someone else’s idea.
  6. Remember all of your good sentence rules! Do not write long, run-on sentences. Be short and concise. Make sure your spelling and grammar are good.
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