Introduction to Archaeology exercise

Campus has been covered by a volcanic eruption from the ‘big one’ and 1000 years
from now you are part of an archaeological team that knows nothing of this society.
Your task is to excavate the site and report on the findings. Your budget, however, only
allows for five grid square to be completely excavated. Divide into groups of three to
four (you will work on your own during the week). Fill in, or darken, five of the blocks
in the grid using one of the five types of sampling discussed in class/section (nonprobabilistic, simple random, stratified random, systematic, adaptive). Type up your
interpretations of the site in one page of single-spaced text. Please note, preservation of
organic macro-artifacts will not be good as volcanic ash decomposes organics rapidly.
You also will not be able to read the texts. However, pollen, residues, and other small
organics may preserve well. Using the available data in these areas of campus, would
you understand the site for what it is, or would your interpretations not necessarily
reflect today’s reality?



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