jumphost with public access.

Goal: Create a jumphost with public access (Public IP) and two instances (NFS server/NFS client) in a private network only

  1. Create a jumphost with public access.
  2. Create an instance called nfs-server in private network (with no public IP)
  3. Attach to the instance 4 volumes of 20gb each
  4. Using LVM tools create physical volumes, volume group and RAID10 logical volume.
  5. Create a Filesystem of the type ext4
  6. Mount it in the operating system at /data.
  7. Install and setup NFS server package, add the /data folder to exports list.


  1. Create a firewall rule to provide access from nfs-client to nfs server – https://cloud.google.com/filestore/docs/setting-nf…
  2. Create another instance called nfs-client in private network (with no public IP)
  3. Mount the NFS volume from NFS server to /data folder

The reason I put the price because I need to make sure there is someone who can acutally do this

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