ledger of transaction



The following is the business transaction in January 2023.


1 Started a business with RM40,000 cash.
2 Deposited RM20,000 of cash into a bank account.
3 Bought office equipment worth RM5,000 on credit from Intan Sdn Bhd.
5 Purchased fabrics for RM2,000 on credit from Kedai Kain Enterprise.
8 Bought a computer which cost RM1,500 by cash.
9 Make a sale of RM6,000 with cash to Datin Maria.
10 Sold clothes worth RM5,000 by cheque.
11 Paid rent RM3,200 by cheque.
12 Datin Maria requested a credit note amounted RM2,000 because of faulty clothes.
14 Received an invoce from Kenanga Store amounting to RM5,500.
16 Made a credit sales of RM4,000.
17 Received cash commission income of RM1,000.
18 Icis Clothes Enterprise took RM1,000 cash for personal use.
20 Nina returned some damaged clothes worth RM150.
22 The owner returned fabrics of RM500 to Kedai Kain Enterprise.
24 Purchased new collection on cash from suplier which cost RM600.
25 The owner bought cotton fabrics worth RM3,000 on credit from Kedai Kain Enterprise.
27 Icis Clothes Enterprise took five clothes with RM1,500 cash for her friend.
28 Datin Maria has given a bonus of RM200 for being satisfied with the design of the dress.
29 Kenanga Store settled amount owed receiving RM500 cash discount by cheque.
31 Icis Clothes Enterprise returned the fabric of RM2,200 because it was given the wrong color.


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