literature:religious and healthcare values

  1. Describe any religious and/or healthcare values that you have learned about this semester that do not align with your own. What strategies and insights helped you to engage sympathetically with these values and helped you think through them carefully?
  2. Tell the story of one example when you found a way to respect a religious practice or value that seemed to challenge your own values. When and how did you cultivate respect and compassion for other religions’ practices and beliefs? When did you notice your attitudes changing as you gained new knowledge? If your perspective or interpretations changed, what was it like for you? How might it be possible to live out the wisdom that you discovered or perhaps pass this new insight on to others?
  3. Describe what it has been like for you to read your classmates’ reflections and respond to them in your peer replies. How have unfamiliar religious and healthcare values been discussed? What is the impact of reading and responding to your classmates’ work on your own learning in this course? What reflection made the strongest impression on you? How did you reply to it? How did this dialogue affect your learning later on
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