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1  Please read the attached article on emerging benefit trends. Are there any aspects of the article that are new learnings for you?

  1. Assume ‘John’ is graduating from Western Connecticut State University in May 2021. He has been aggressive about his job search and has two job offers. Both positions are in the field he is looking for and are within thirty minutes of his home. Specifics on the compensation of each offer are as follows

  2. Base salary of $50,000, full benefit package (no bonus nor incentive)

  3. Base salary of $ 46,000, full benefits, incentive plan based on 20% of his base salary ( pay out based on achievement of company profitability & aggregate customer service results)

Assuming all other factors are equal, which position would you recommend John takes?

  1. Karen has worked for an area retail XYZ company for the last two years. She has performed well and received good increases. Karen wants to move her career forward and recently conducted a job search that resulted in an offer for a position as a entry level supervisor. Karen is very excited about the opportunity and accepts the offer, resigns from her current job, giving two weeks notice.

On her last day of employment with the XYZ company before she is to start her job, the new company calls Karen and advises her they need to recind her job due to budget concerns. Karen then asks her most recent employer is she could remain employed with them, they say no –you resigned.

Does Karen have any recourse in this matter with either her current or (potentially) new employer?

  1. You are a Human Resource Manager for an area company. Your company is looking to bring employees back into the office after almost a year of working from home. To support this decision, your company has made the decision to require all employees to get the COVID vaccine before they return to the office.

You are getting allot of employee push-back on this new requirement.

“Sam’ has let you know the COVID vaccine is against his religious principles and he is unable to comply with this new requirment.

‘Lucy’ has stated she wants to wait until 2022 to get a vaccine so she can get a better assessment of the vaccine side-effects from those who took the vaccine.


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