Management question.


The purpose of this Assignments is to allow you to investigate an issue recently negotiated in the real-world and explain the elements of the negotiations process.


Select an issue that has recently been negotiated in an area of interest to you. There are a number of potential options for your assignment; you can choose something within your area of study in sports, entertainment, event management, hospitality, travel or any negotiation case that is of interest to you. I suggest you look for something that has two clearly defined sides.

Topic I choose is Sea World vs. OSHA

Part 1: Introduction

  • Summarize your negotiation topic and the reasons as to why you chose this negotiation.

  • Explain the history between the sides in the negotiation you selected.

  • Identify when and where the negotiations began.

  • Identify the chief negotiators (by name) on each side and state their positions.

  • Explain why they need to negotiate and describe what is at stake as an outcome.

Part 2: Issues/Power

  • Describe the main issues/barriers that separate each side.

  • Explain what is at stake in this negotiation and how it affects the balance of power.

  • Identify and describe which side has the most relative bargaining power and why.

  • Explain what the other side can do to increase its power.

  • Assess the outside influences prevalent in the negotiation (such as time, media coverage, financial implications, clients, employees, etc.) and describe the impact each has on the negotiation process.

Part 3: Strategy and Tactics

  • Strategy: Describe in detail the strategy each side is using to achieve their desired outcome.

  • Tactics: Describe and evaluate three specific tactics each side is using to advance their strategy.

  • Critique how the strategy and tactics each side is using is affecting their position.

  • Describe the strategy and tactics you would use to achieve your desired outcome in the same negotiation.

  • Explain how the negotiation contains elements of both cooperation and competition. Provide insight and examples from your research.

    • Hint: Be specific and detailed. Use strategies and tactics studied in earlier weeks.

Part 4: Reflection

  • Analyze the negotiation process and explain the final outcome and the impact and/or effect it will have.

  • Discuss your opinion of the negotiation supporting your opinion with detailed examples.

  • Explain in detail what you learned from your research of this case and how it will benefit you in the future.

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