MIMT5350 Assignment 2 – Conveyor Belt Project (Con’d)


Prepare an executive summary for the CEO (Max 2 pages, excluding Appendix)
You may consider the following questions to help you with the executive summary:
Part 1 – Open CBP_P3B.mpp
1. How much will the project cost?
2. Generate a cash flow report (or any reports/views which you find relevant), how costs are
distributed over the life span of the project?
Save this planning as a baseline, for comparing against the actual project progress in Part 2.
Part 2 – Insert the actual project progress into CBP_P3B.mpp, set the status date to 1/1/11
3. As of Jan 1, 2011, will the project be delayed? If so, when is the new estimated completion
4. What are the remaining tasks on the critical path? Are majority of the remaining tasks
critical? What is the implication?
5. Calculate and analyze the current progress of the project, by using the Earned Value
Management (EVM) technique, such as CPI, CV, SPI, SV, EAC, BAC etc. Attach relevant
reports/graphs in appendix.
6. What recommendation would you make at the moment?

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