Name Brand vs. Store Brand

In Lab 4 you compared regular Oreos and Cheez Its to reduced-fat Oreos and Cheez Its. In addition, you also compared regular Oreos and Cheez Its to the Great Value brand of these items. Discuss what you learned from completing Lab 4 on fats, how name brand compares to store brand and which items you would choose and explain why.

The discussion must include the following:

1. Discuss the main thing you learned from comparing regular to reduced-fat products.

2. Discuss the comparison of name brand products to store brand products.

3. Explain how this lab may or may not affect how you choose grocery products and why.


After posting your discussion, you will then need to respond to two (2) other posts. Discuss why you agree or disagree. Full credit only given for initial post and TWO responses. (Possible points: initial post and 0-1 responses is 5 points; initial post and 2 responses is 10 points

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